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A prototype weapon, it uses 25 normal bullets and converts them to energy that's used to fire plasma. No known effective count for this energy weapon exists.
—In-Game Description

Usability Edit

  • Only Heavy Support and Terminator suits are able to use this weapon.
  • This weapon has area damage and slows down enemies.
  • This weapon has no critical shots.
  • This weapon cannot teamkill, however it takes off ~50 armor per direct shot.
  • While the Heavy Support Ammunition Link System includes the Vindicator as an affected weapon, there's no change in ammunition consumed by the Vindicator when increasing the energy level of the ALS component.

Tips Edit

  • It consumes enormous amounts of ammo (35 per shot) so it is adviced to use beta-4 and/or vindicator evergy system
  • Using the Vindicator in combination with Heavy Support Wired Armor lets one shoot the Vindicator several times per reload as it only uses up 1 ammo per shot instead of all 35. The rate of fire while doing this is affected by RoF abilities such as the Heavy Support Suppressive Fire Device. (2.1 patch)
  • The Heavy Support Beta IV component works with the Vindicator by reducing the total clip size that's reloaded, at half the bonus given by the component.