Tyler Hunt - He is the sole survivor of his squad, code named 'Unit Blacklight'. This NPC uses a normal GAR and is found during the final phase of the Multiplayer Campaign.

Your mission is to find Tyler and save him. In return you must escort him to the SOLAR weapon systems in order to save the colony, which means its complete destruction. Depending on what story mission you have, he plays a vital role.

Terra Storyline - You must keep him alive, otherwise if he dies 4 Hellspawns will spawn in and murder your team.

Insurgents Storyline - You must keep him alive while you fend off the attacks from Vivian Parks. If he dies, the hellspawns will not spawn in and murder you.


Hunt is the quintessential soldier, an expert in both close combat and armed warfare. As one of the Lost Generation, he could have become almost anything he wanted, and still he chose the life of a soldier. Although he sometimes wonders if his career path was a mistake, when shooting down hostile targets he feels reassured and thinks to himself: "This is a helluva lot better than an office job."

He is part of the Alpha Squad (Special Forces Unit Black Light)