Strike-V - High damage rifle designed for surgical strikes at medium range, mostly used by the M.E.R.C.S. unit. It's highly ineffective when fired at close range due to a special rifle firing system in which the bullet takes time to build velocity. Single mode in this rifle has an initial 10% critical chance.

Light weapon - Movement reduction: 5%

—In-Game Description

Powerful and reliable, this designated marksman rifle is a firm favorite of those interested in dealing optimal damage per shot while maintaining ammo efficiency. However, it suffers a damage reduction of 30% of its normal damage if firing at enemies within 5 meters, making it treacherous (or outright ineffective) to use in close quarters. When using this weapon Marines will have to focus on placement and enemy pathing to ensure effective use. It has a burst mode feature which will allow Marines to quickly move out of the 5 meter radius where they receive reduced damage. It also has the highest critical chance of any weapon in the game, so it gains more effective damage from the critical chance module when leveled up.

A Strike-V Upgrade item exists, which passively grants a bonus of 10 to the weapon's base damage within 5 meters, and also slows down enemies hit by 30% for 2 seconds.

Usability Edit

The Strike-V can be used by Assault, Medic, Recon, Marksman, and Demolition suits.

Tips Edit

  • The Strike-V suffers an enormous drop in damage if firing at a target too close. It is advised to stay some distance from the enemies your team is engaging, and to bring a reliable close-range secondary weapon (like a FAS-12) in case you are forced into close combat to quickly remove threats.
  • If put in the hands of an Assault or Marksman built properly for sheer damage output, the Strike-V can consistently score critical hits in excess of 400-600 damage apiece -- if not higher, Up to a maximum of 2300 on the marksmen.
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  • The passive upgrade item for this rifle is extremely useful for that 20% slow. It may be worth taking the Strike-V just for the chance of finding that upgrade, because it has the potential to save your team's life against tough enemies like Hatchlings and Hellspawn by slowing them down just enough to be outrun with Sprint.