Stinger 50 - This sniper rifle is equipped with a teleportation module which enables its user to target and fire through obstacles. It can be very useful for covering teammates or taking out enemies behind walls.

Heavy weapon - Movement reduction: 20%

—In-Game Description

The Stinger 50 is among the most deadly heavy weapons in the game, bar none. Built properly, a skilled marine with this rifle can deliver damage ranging in the high thousands.

Two fire modes exist: Normal, and Rail. Normal fire inflicts standard bullet damage to a single target. Rail mode fires an energized shot along a line which bypasses all walls and obstacles, and inflicts damage on the first enemy in its path. It is currently unknown whether Rail shots can hit multiple targets in a line or no.

When in Rail mode, your damage is converted to Energy type instead of whatever bullet variety (Full Metal Jacket or Hollow Point) you selected at the start of the game. This also means that shots fired in Rail mode will ignore your bullet type -- you will not receive the +20% bonus critical hit chance from Hollow Point rounds, for example.

Regardless of whether you are using Normal or Rail firing mode, the Stinger 50 itself confers a +5% bonus critical hit chance.

An upgrade item for the Stinger 50 exists, which will passively grant +50 damage to Normal mode and +25 damage to Rail mode.

Usability Edit

  • The Stinger 50 is only usable by the Marksman suit.

Tips Edit

  • This weapon is designed for long range, not close quarters. Do not attempt to fight off a horde of zombies close enough to chew your face off with this thing. Bring a close-range secondary, like a Pistol or Shotgun, to deal with zombies and swarmers, and always try to stay behind your team so you can fire from relative safety.
  • For Marksmen: Since the Rail mode of this rifle enables you to shoot through walls, try taking advantage of that when you can to snipe STROL Substances so your team doesn't have to actually enter the building they're in to get to them. Also make use of it so you can effectively cover your team against Slashers and other nasty enemies from virtually anywhere in or out of a structure.
  • When in Rail mode, your shots will inflict Energy damage, which not only bypasses the common bullet resistance of most enemies but also prevents them from reviving if energy damage dealt the killing shot. This works wonders for ammo conservation as your team won't have to re-kill the same enemies again and again.