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Auto-Aim Edit

Hotkey: e

Auto-Aim is the most commonly used mechanic of shooting, due to it's ease of use. Auto-Aim will cause a marine to shoot at anything that is within range and hittable. It is affected by Hit Chance, which is heavily influenced by Lighting, the more illuminated a target is the easier it is to hit.

Primary Targeting Edit

Primary Targeting is a means to target a specific enemy, it works in a similar fashion to RTS (Real Time Strategy) genre games. Using Left click on any enemy will cause a marine to shoot at that target until they are either out of range, they cannot shoot the target due to obstructions, the target is dead or another firing order or mode is used. This is also affected by Hit Chance.

Manual Fire Edit

Manual Fire works differently to the other two mechanics, instead of selecting the target or shooting directly at targets, manual fire allows for the marine to have direct control over where a bullet is shot. To enter manual firing mode the shift key must be held down. All bullets that are shot in this manner have a forty percent increase in damage.