Note: You need to complete the campaign on the Central Sector map to be able to create a game with the Science Sector. However, if the host of the game has already done so, you can still join a game in the Science Sector, even if you haven't completed the campaign in Central.

The Science Sector features narrow corners, darker alleys and is well decorated (in a way that only the greatest scientists could decorate) with great visuals and a huge reactor in the middle. It's a massive map that takes about three minutes to traverse from one side to the other... if it wasn't for all of those monstrous aliens trying to eat your face, of course.

It's an all-new environment to uncover and master, with more dangerous spawns that have better resistance (or less) to certain types of weapons. Teamwork, as always, is crucial.

Map Edit

2014-09-17 00002

Green line- walkable path

White line- blocked path

Orange line- Destroyable blocked path(if it is not weak crate use 2 satchels)

Blue line- Terra only doors opened with a primary mission

Red line- Door opened with terminal