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Semi-Automatic Combat Shotgun - Fires 12 gauge shells that use a new piercing technology able to breach even the most hardened armor. Its effective range is a few meters. Some people also nicknamed it "small cannon" due to its stopping power. Its rate of fire is much slower compared to a fully automatic shotgun.

Minimum damage this shotgun can produce is 10% of its base damage.

Movement reduction: 3%

—In-Game Description

Tips Edit

  • Shotguns inflict less damage as the distance to target increases. Get up close to your target for maximum effect.
  • The SAR-58, like all shotguns, inflicts damage in a cone-shaped area of effect. Get as many enemies as possible within that cone to maximize damage and ammo efficiency.
  • Additional shotgun shells can be obtained by finding Specialized Ammunition, each giving 8 more shells per pack.
  • The Assault Combat suit gains the most effect out of this class, due to the low damage and the assaults ability to increase its damage through medals and the shotgun modual.