By far the fastest moving combat suit, it has various speed enhancing components along with endurance enhancers to create the perfect scout. Its primary role is scouting and retrieving information about the enemy. Recon suit is also very important in the role of gathering and locating supplies, and is the only suit that can call in heavy artillery and airstrikes. The suit is very fragile, however, with the least armor and protection of all the other combat suits. Its firepower is also found lacking, demanding support from the other squad members. Marksmen are especially suited for this role.
—In-Game Description

The Recon suit is able to call down support from the G.E.D Elpida, in the form of supplies and orbital strikes.

Unlocked at Lvl.2

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The Red Solstice - Recon Suit Overview

The Red Solstice - Recon Suit Overview