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A very effective weapon at close quarters but becomes extremely ineffective at long range. It will always be loaded with opposite type of ammunition from your primary weapon. Default ammo: Hollow point.

Light weapon - Movement reduction: 0%

—In-Game Description

Usability Edit

  • The Pistol is a universal sidearm available to any class.

Tips Edit

  • The Pistol has some surprisingly high damage relative to the Gauss Assault Rifle, which could help you use your ammo more efficiently since it uses the same ammo as your primary weapon (though of the opposite bullet type).
  • This makes a good companion weapon to the Strike-V. That rifle is good at long range, but can't kill a gnat at point blank; the trusty Pistol is the exact opposite, giving you a good option for dealing with weak enemies who get too close to line up properly with the Strike-V.
  • Burst mode with this weapon can drain the clip in a hurry, and is not at all recommended at long range due to drops in accuracy. It is advised to only use burst mode to fire short controlled bursts on the run, or to quickly finish off an enemy at point blank range.
  • The Pistol doesn't drain your movement speed at all, making it an attractive secondary weapon choice even for classes who are more likely to stick to their primary weapon.