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Weapon designed specifically for Solstis V Combat Suits. It cannot be carried otherwise due to its heavy recoil and weight. The Heavy Support Combat Suit has the most components oriented on using heavy weapons like the Minigun, thus making it much more effective. The GMG or Gatling Machine Gun is a weapon produced by Howell-Barrex Inc. The Minigun GMG-4 was ultimately tested among other similar types for performance and turned out to be the best of the best -- a true killing machine.

Heavy weapon - Movement reduction: 10%

—In-Game Description

The Minigun is a heavy weapon with unmatched sustained damage capabilities. While its raw damage is below average, the sheer firing rate of the weapon enables the user to hold hordes of STROL at bay. However, the ammo economy of this weapon is terrible -- you can easily go through an entire magazine of ammunition in approximately twenty seconds of continuous firing.

A feature of interest for Minigun users is that this weapon's damage has a threshold -- a minimum value that it cannot go below, meaning that every bullet will always do at least some damage. Also, the Minigun is the only primary weapon with a cone-fire pattern, which allows it to mow down multiple enemies at once in tight quarters. Funnel your enemies into alleys and killzones to maximize this weapon's potential and ammo efficiency.

Usability Edit

Tips Edit

  • Due to the poor ammo economy of the weapon, the use of Auto-Aim will see the weapon chew through a suit's supply of ammunition extremely quickly. Try to use manual fire or click targeting where possible, and make sure you have adequate light to guide your shots.
  • Components such as the Heavy Support's Wired Armor Module active skill or the Assault's Ammonite System can help with ammo management of the weapon by either producing extra ammo on the fly, or outright preventing the Heavy's minigun from using ammo at all.
  • Manual Fire should be used where possible when facing hordes due to the spread of the weapon, aiming for the center of a horde will allow the pierce effect to hit most or all of a group.