The only suit that can remove fractures. Has various components which allow it to deal with all kinds of wounds, venoms and any type of poison. Also possesses different stimulants to enhance teammates' accuracy and movement speed. Weak combatant, but has access to chemicals and toxins to help overcome various monster mutations.
—In-Game Description

The Medic suit is the marines' go-to for keeping the squad alive and in tip-top fighting shape, even if it means reviving fallen soldiers to prove that not even death is an excuse for lying down on the job. Medics can cure all varieties of ailments, heal lost hit points, boost the squad's attack and movement speed, and even packs some useful skills for cutting some tough enemies -- particularly ones that can self-revive -- down to size.

The Medic suit is unlocked at Lvl. 1.

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The Red Solstice - Medic Suit Overview 1080p

The Red Solstice - Medic Suit Overview 1080p