Marksman is a hunter killer, he uses a sniper rifle to shoot enemies from great distances. Although his rate of fire maybe slow, his damage is huge. This combat suit is perfect for covering Recons that are serching for items and scouting in front of the squad for enemies. He is also capable of disabling enemy with various gadgets like nano nets, traps etc.
—In-Game Description

The Marksman suit, is the only suit capable of using the powerful Stinger 50 sniper rifle.

Available Weapons Edit


  • Vital Spot Targeting Module
  • Tacnet Bullet System
  • Ocular Implant Device
  • Advanced Targeting System
  • Nano Net Device
  • Explosive Shell Container Device
  • Critical Shot System Marksman
  • Concealment Device
  • Marauder Device
  • Seismic Pillar Device

Video Edit

The Red Solstice - Marksman Suit Overview 1080p

The Red Solstice - Marksman Suit Overview 1080p