Grenade Launcher - Fires a rifle grenade at targeted location at high speed.

Movement reduction: 3%

—In-Game Description

This weapon is great for blasting apart packs of swarmers and single explosive-vulnerable fat enemies alike.

The M1GL consumes rifle grenades, which can be obtained by finding Specialized Ammunition. Each pack gives you 4 grenades for the launcher.

Tips Edit

  • Grenade launchers can be fired into buildings, even from outside the walls. This not only means you can cover your team from virtually anywhere in and around a structure, but also that you can snipe STROL Substances from a safe distance without ever having to actually enter the building they're in.
  • An Assault can get more use out of this weapon by taking the Grenade Amplifier perk, which confers extra damage, blast radius, and reduces the reload time considerably.

Trivia Edit

  • The M1GL is similar in design to the American Milkor 40mm MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher).
  • Because the grenades of any launcher reach their destination instantaneously with no time between the shot and detonation, it can be assumed that the grenades are teleported to their destination through the same technology used in the Marksman's Advanced Targeting System ability.