Ker, Sandworm, a Chtonic Deity

A monstrous creation born from experiments conducted by the Elysium corporation, the biggest and toughest anyone has ever encountered. And it got released on Tharsis.

  • Surprises prey with subterranean attacks
  • Protective carapace provides heavy armor
  • Gangly, spiny legs strike swiftly
  • Mandibles and teeth will tear soldiers apart

Intel Edit

This creature is not to be taken lightly. His armored shells are exceptionally tough, and it looks like you may need to break through them to do any significant damage to the creature. Its gangly, twisted legs are also a big problem; consider suppressing them so they can't be used to attack. Also, even though Ker tends to stay in one spot, running away might not be a good idea; we've seen it eats anything that thinks it can run. We have to stand and fight. Hiding is not an option for this creature.

In the end, maybe a good old Nuke, SHIVA weapon, might be just enough to bring him down... I sure hope so...

Marines, stay frosty, there's a lot more to this one than just being ugly.