Provides the marine with 75 rounds / bullets. Can hold up to 20 stacks in a single inventory slot. This item also goes by the name of 'Ammo Clip' and 'Ammo Box', which are the same thing but are often found in different initial stack sizes.

Specialized AmmunitionEdit

Universal ammo for secondary weapons. Provides the marine with 4 grenades for the M1GL or under-barrel grenade launcher of the GAR-GL; 2 rockets for the LAW-57; or 8 shotgun shells for the SAR-58 and FAS-18 or the under-barrel shotgun of the GAR-MS. You can only hold 4 of these packs in a single inventory slot.

Automatically Used ItemsEdit

Energy BatteryEdit

Provides 30 Experience, as well as a permanent +0.5% global bonus to weapon damage to the entire team, and 30 Energy for the marine who picks up the Energy Battery.

Weapon UpgradesEdit

Weapon upgrades modify the base damage of the weapon, and sometimes provide other bonuses as well.

ACE-43 UpgradeEdit

Increases the ACE-43's Auto damage by 8 and AC Mode damage by 30.

Arclite UpgradeEdit

Increases the Arclite Hecate's damage by 5.

GAR UpgradeEdit

Increases the Gauss Assault Rifle's damage by 12.

Minigun UpgradeEdit

Increases the Minigun GMG-4's damage by 12.

SMG UpgradeEdit

Increases the Submachine Gun's damage by 8.

Sniper UpgradeEdit

Increases the Stinger 50's auto damage by 50 and rail damage by 25.

Strike-V UpgradeEdit

Increases the Strike-V's minimum range damage by 10 and applies a 20% slow for 2 seconds to enemies hit by the Strike-V.

LAW UpgradeEdit

LAW-57 Rockets and the Demolition's Rocket Launcher skill have a Directional Primer Charge-style cone AoE for 25 meters centered on the initial blast, dealing 600 damage.

Usable ItemsEdit

Medical SuppliesEdit


Cures all poison and venom ailments on targeted marine.
Cannot be used on marines who are not poisoned.

Maximum stack size of 4.

Fibrin BandagesEdit

Cures all wound ailments on self and restores 100 health instantly.
Maximum stack size of 2.


Restores 150 health over 15 seconds. Healing amount can be increased if used by a Medic with the appropriate suit components.
Does not stack with the Medic's Blood Gen-S ability, as the "buff" from the Medkit and that effect are treated as the same thing.
Maximum stack size of 5.

Medical NanitesEdit

Instantly cures all wounds and fractures on targeted marine and heals 60 health.
Maximum stack size of 3.


Marine gains 3% increase movement speed and 2% increased attack speed.
Marine gains 25% increased movement speed and 15% increased attack speed.
Maximum stack size of 5.

Explosives Edit

Chain ExplosiveEdit

Deals 1300 Explosive damage in a modest area upon being detonated.
If the explosion sets off any other Chain Explosives, they will each gain a cumulative bonus of +20% to damage for each one in the radius.
Maximum stack size of 100.


Deals 1700 Explosive damage in a small area upon being detonated. The area of effect can be increased if used by a Demolition with the proper suit components.
Detonates automatically when an enemy comes near the explosive, or when hit by another explosive. The Claymore requires some seconds to "set up" after being placed before it will become live and auto-detonate when enemies approach; you will hear an audible beeping noise and see a bright red vertical line over the mine to notify you of this. A live Claymore can still be disarmed if a marine possesses the right tools or training.
Maximum stack size of 48.


Deals 1650 Explosive damage in a modest area upon being detonated.
Can be manually detonated with a double-tap of the "G" key (by default).
Maximum stack size of 12.

Explosive BunkEdit

Deals 3500 Explosive damage in a large area upon being detonated.
Must be detonated by other explosives.
Maximum stack size of 8.

Incendiary ExplosiveEdit

Deals 500 Fire damage in a modest area upon being detonated.
Creates a small patch of fire at the center of the explosive effect, which lasts for roughly 75 seconds and deals 5-15 fire damage per second.
Must be detonated by other explosives.
Maximum stack size of 24.

Plasma ExplosiveEdit

Deals 3500 Energy damage in a modest area upon being detonated.
Slows enemies in the area of effect by 60% for 4 seconds.
Must be detonated by other explosives.
Maximum stack size of 4(?).

Plasma FireEdit

Deals 500 Energy damage in a modest area upon being detonated.
Creates a patch of plasma at the center of the explosive effect, dealing heavy Energy damage to all targets passing through it.
Must be detonated by other explosives.
Maximum stack size of 4.

Utility Items Edit

Items that support players.

Flare GunEdit

Provides light and vision in the targeted area for 8 seconds upon being used, increasing accuracy.
Roughly 15 second cooldown.
Maximum stack size of 20.

Road FlaresEdit

Provides light and vision for one minute upon being placed, increasing accuracy.
Maximum stack size of 8.

Power CellEdit

Provides 70 energy to target marine.
Target marine's damage is converted to Energy damage for 90 seconds.
If used on a turret that was placed via an item, the turret becomes active. In all cases, turrets gain 1 Plasma Gun charge and have their damage permanently increased by 7.
If used on a Safety Zone Beacon, the beacon instantly gains +17% charge.
Power Cells are not found in any lockers. They can rarely be found by searching Rubble, on the ground as random spawns, or getting them off dead Veteran Soldiers or Insurgent Commanders.
Maximum stack size of 3.

Seismic Resonator M2Edit

Upon placement, a Resonator will immediately force burrowed creatures within its radius to unburrow. Resonators deal 100 Energy damage to aboveground targets, and 1000 Seismic damage to underground targets upon being detonated.
Resonators do not set off explosives and are not set off by explosives. However, they deal minor friendly fire damage to marines upon being detonated.
Placed resonators prevent enemies from reviving within 6 meters.
Maximum stack size of 5.

Disarm ToolsEdit

Allows the marine to disarm explosives, turrets, EMP bombs, and the Shiva. Doing so will consume a Disarm Tool.
Maximum stack size of 10.

Elysium T3 BeaconEdit

Places a T3 Sensor at target location.
T3 Sensors detect enemies in a 25 meter radius.
  • Each active Satellite increases this radius by 10 meters.
  • If the T3 Sensor is placed on high ground, the radius is increased by 15 meters.
  • The T3 Sensor may not be placed in buildings.
Once three T3 Sensors are placed, they reveal all enemies within the triangle they form between each other.
T3 Sensors are indestructible.
T3 Sensors are not found in lockers. There are only 3 scattered around the map at random.
Maximum stack size of 3.

Special Items Edit

Tac-nuke ShivaEdit

Obtained from the Wave 9 mission, SHIVA or from the Disarm Nuke when a player uses a Disarm Device or the Demolition's Disarm skill.
Current Information: (Needs confirmation and checking)
The SHIVA explosion radius is estimated to be 75 meters.
The SHIVA designating radius is estimated to be 40 meters.
The SHIVA's explosion delay is estimated to be 5 seconds.

Safety BeaconEdit

Safety Beacons cannot be placed inside buildings, on high ground, or within 100 meters of another Safety Beacon.
Upon being placed, Safety Beacons create a red flare circle with an approximate 10 meter radius, indicating the safe zone where no artillery will land. Artillery will land in an estimated 50 meter radius around the Safety Beacon.
Safety Beacons initially come with a 5% charge and can charge up to 100%. The higher the charge on the Safety Beacon, the longer the bombardment will last and the better the items are that will be provided. The artillery will not land within the red flare circle.
Safety Beacons can only be activated by Officers and must have at least 10% charge to be activated. Upon being activated, the charge is reset to 0%, the artillery bombardment begins within a second, and players are energized for a short period of time.
Notable aspects:
  • Placing a Safety Zone next to a Radar Satellite installation will increase that Safety Zone's charge by +20%.
  • Apparently, Safety Beacon's charge faster with marines inside of the red flare circle.
Drops: (Increases quantity at higher charge levels)
  • Ammunition
  • Chain Explosives
  • Plasma Explosives (At higher charge levels)
  • Stimulants (At higher charge levels)
  • Fibrin Bandages (At higher charge levels)
Maximum stack size of 3.

Artillery Targeting DeviceEdit

Reward for completing the Artillery Control mission.
Can call down a potent Artillery Strike at targeted location. The barrage has a delay of 2 ~ 5 seconds before shelling occurs, and lasts for around 25 seconds.
Roughly 40 second cooldown.
Comes with 10 charges.


Item found at the first mission location.
The EVAC item will activate the Evacuation 120 seconds after being used. The user has temporary VIP status and must be defended until Evacuation arrives. Should the user die, the Evacuation count-down will stop until the user is revived.

Legendary ItemsEdit

These items only drop past Wave 13 in difficulties normal and above.

Nyx Vindicator ModuleEdit

Every 5th shot also has a 400 damage plasma cannon attack.

Savage's BurnersEdit

Increases critical strike chance by 10%.
Increases damage by 20%
Bullets deal fire damage.

Tokugawa Overload SystemEdit

50% reduced cooldown duration.