Incendiary Explosive
Damage 500
Radius 3 meters
Stack size 24
Damage type Explosive/Fire
Extra Information
Detonation External Source
Specification Denial-of-area incendiary bomb

Notes Edit

Incendiary Explosives inflict only mild initial damage, but will create a patch of burning ground within their radius that inflicts considerable damage over time to any creatures standing in the fire. Great for wearing down weak enemies passing through a narrow corridor, or setting a pile of corpses alight to surprise any STROL that might emerge or revive from them.

The fire created by this bomb lasts, amazingly, approximately 75 seconds, and deals roughly 5-15 fire damage per second. Make sure not to set these off over any ground you need to maneuver through.

Tips Edit

  • It's heavily debatable whether or not carrying these around is actually worth it, due to their low initial damage, and the fact that it's not always easy to actually get creatures to stand in the fire for long enough to do much good.
  • If you are going to use them, there are two very good ways to do so: 1.) Lighting large amounts of corpses on fire to discourage their potential revival, and 2.) setting a long line of these in the middle of an enemy's path, then detonating them so that they have to walk through a wall of fire to follow your team. Either way, they are pretty good at getting rid of the annoying weak enemies that would otherwise soak up valuable bullets, so they have decent potential to help with ammo conservation. Experiment with them to see if they feel right for your playstyle.