The Heavy Support focuses on managing different shooting states for covering their team. The suit's movement speed is, however, much lower than all the others. Heavy Supports are great when used to cover certain areas like choke points or to provide continuous fire to cover teammates. A fully loaded Heavy Support contributes a huge amount of firepower to keep the squad safe. However, this protection comes at the cost of similarly huge amounts of ammunition.

Only class that has CONE AREA of effect when using the Minigun, as well as an innate damage threshold of 15 -- which causes it to deal more damage regardless of enemy armor resistance.

—In-Game Description

The Solstis V Heavy Support suit is capable of producing a high amount of damage over time, and is the only suit capable of making full use of the Minigun GMG-4. It is also able to bolster the magazine size and damage of nearby squad members with the Beta IV Frequency System or Targeting Systems components.

Unlocked at 2000 XP.

A maximum of 2 Heavy Support suits may be deployed on any given mission.

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The Red Solstice - Heavy Suit Overview

The Red Solstice - Heavy Suit Overview