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Gauss Assault Rifle - Mounted Shotgun - Standard weapon carried by every marine with a mounted shotgun. It does less damage then the SAR-58 shotgun. Require shotgun shell and can be boosted by components.
—In-Game Description

The Gauss Assault Rifle is a favorite weapon of the Assault class. While Marines mounting the shotgun on the GAR will loose burst mode functionality they gain the a shotgun with the highest number of rounds before reload in the game. It Holds 8 Shogun shells. It is unfortunately the lowest damage shotgun in existence, however assaults can boost its damage through Medals and the use of the shotgun module, making it significantly more effective.

Other classes of combat suits are usually have better results taking a dedicated shotgun. The only other class that gains major benefits would be someone acting as a Demolitionist in the absence of a demolition who wants to Bring the M1GL but still retain shotgun functionality. The Demolitionist class will also sometimes bring this as well if taking a LAW in order to retain shotgun functionality. Be WARNED as this excessive amount of gear can make you very slow.