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Gauss Assault Rifle - Standard weapon carried by every marine. It comes with various types of available modules, each one designed for a specific use. If used as a secondary weapon it will always be loaded with the FMJ ammo type.

Light weapon - Movement reduction: 5%

—In-Game Description

Usability Edit

  • The GAR can be used by almost every class, except the Marksman.

Tips Edit

  • The GAR deals slightly more base damage if set to 3-round burst mode instead of full-auto, which you should take advantage of when you can. The bursts come out slower overall, but the quickness with which those 3 rounds are delivered means you can use bursts effectively while on the move -- simply aim, fire, then cease fire and keep running. You'll lose less run time that way than firing full auto.
  • The Assault class can arguably make the best use of this weapon, since their Light Weapon Targeting System ability offers enormous bonuses to its damage, fire rate, and reload time.
  • You can increase the GAR's base damage by 12 if you find a GAR Upgrade item.