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Primary MissionsEdit

Primary Missions enables the Terra and Insurgents story-lines. The Early Evacuation at wave 8 (if Terra 1 / Insurgents 1 is not completed) is also enabled.

Secondary MissionsEdit

Secondary Missions enables a variety of optional tasks that players may complete.

Bunker ModeEdit

Bunker Mode requires the players to defend an Orbital Beacon. Players will revive with a delay based upon their distance from the Orbital Beacon. Bunker Mode can be activated with Primary Missions.

Bunker Mode Revive Information:

  • Players drop-pod back in near the Orbital beacon to revive
  • Players revive with 400 ammo
  • Energy Levels are not reset
  • The delay is 30 seconds + 1 second per 4 additional meters away.

Hardcore ModeEdit

Hardcore mode increases EXP gains by 15%, and will spawn certain threats at the start of each wave.

Available Threats:

  • Hellspawn
  • Thanatos
  • Mini-blopper wave

Red StormEdit

Red Storm causes a storm to occasionally rage in the colony. While the storm rages, all players outside of shelter are slowed by 50% and have their armor decrease by 5 per second. Players inside shelter have 15% increased bullet damage.

The storm can occasionally relent, allowing players to temporarily move outside without penalty.

  • Slowed by 50% during the Storm
  • Armor decreases by 5 per second during the Storm
  • Damage is increased by 15% while in buildings
  • Increased EXP gain by 15%

Fast ModeEdit

Fast Mode causes the game to progress more quickly, and increases the rewards from Evacuation.

  • Increases Energy Regeneration
  • Reduces enemy health by 10%
  • Increases Evacuation EXP by 50%
  • Delays Early Evacuation to Wave 11.


  • Reduces enemy health by 5%
  • Increased EXP gain by 6%
  • Notably increased amount of swarmers

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