Soldiers from an unknown group, led by Nyx. They have guns and are hostile. They generally wield projectile weapons.

Insurgent ScoutEdit

The basic insurgent trooper, the Insurgent Scout utilizes a Pistol.

Insurgent SoldierEdit

A stronger Insurgent scout, the Insurgent Soldier utilizes a GAR.

Insurgent CommanderEdit

A stronger Insurgent soldier, the Insurgent Commander utilizes a GAR and has heavier armor. Vulnerable to Fire and Toxic.


Big game boss. SHIVA is launched at her location when she dies. Vulnerable to fire\hollow\energy. Immune to toxic\piercing


The general catch-all term for the zombie threat caused by the STROL substances.


Basic enemies, easy to kill.


A basic zombie.

Medium ZombieEdit

More medium zombie then a regular zombie.

Large ZombieEdit

A bigger zombie with more HP.


A more dangerous zombie with increased respawn rate.


A zombie with highest respawn rate\HP.


Common spawn that emerge from the bodies of dead enemies.


A little abomination.


A mutated ordinary domesticated dog gone wrong. The stalker is an agile yet small enemy capable of inflicting a wide variety of ailments.



Large Blopper that rolls and attacks marines. Upon death, spawns two Mini-Bloppers unless killed by Energy or Seismic Damage. Has a tendency to cause venoms.

Vulnerable to Fire, Energy, and Piercing damage.

Tiny BlopperEdit

Explode upon death, dealing substantial area toxic damage. Vulnerable to Fire, Shotgun, and Piercing damage.


Highly armored burrowing enemy.


A burrowing enemy with long-range attack.


Temporary Category for the Hatchling until further information is revealed.

Appears to be a primitive Hellspawn.


Enemy that can disable marines.

Mid-Game Snatcher count is based upon the number of players.

Player Count Snatcher Count Waves
1 1 5
2 2 5, 6
3 3 5, 6, 7
4 4 5, 6, 7, 8
5 5 5, 5, 6, 7, 8
6 6 5, 5, 6, 6 , 7, 8
7 7 5, 5, 6, 6, 7, 7, 8
8 8 5, 5, 6, 6, 7, 7, 8, 8


Temporary unofficial category for referring to the flying enemies until their actual category title can be recorded.


Unknown for category. Immune to damage until they descend from their flight.

Largely resistant to most damage.

Energy, Seismic and Fire damage have the best effect, Full Metal Jackets work moderately well. Explosives and Shotguns are ineffectual.

Scrouge / W.e. flesh flyerEdit

Only appears in late waves, category and stats are largely unknown.


In general, enemies belonging to the category of Runners tend to be numerous and fragile. Runners are primarily vulnerable to Hollow Point Ammunition and resilient to Full Metal Jacket ammunition.


The generic swarming enemy, both numerous and fragile.


A swarmer with less health but more armor.


The Horror emerges from the bodies of Swarmers and Desecrators and is often weaker.


Creepers are special enemies that lurk in the darkness. They do not move, and do not attack unless you provoke or shine light upon them.

They are significantly more durable than most other runners.


In general, enemies belonging to the category of Dogs tend to be rare in comparison to the Runners, yet are much more agile and durable. Dogs are primarily vulnerable to Full Metal Jacket ammunition and resilient to Hollow Point Ammunition ammunition.

Dogs have a higher tendency to cause Wounds than to poison.

Blood HunterEdit

The Blood Hunter is a larger and stronger Stalker, however, it is the only dog that is vulnerable to Hollow Point ammunition.

Flesh BeastEdit

The Flesh Beast is the counterpart to the Flesh Hound and is resistant to Hollow Point ammunition.


The Fiend is a larger and more heavily armored Flesh Beast.


The Devourer is a larger and more heavily armored Fiend.


A more dangerous Devourer; the Slasher has higher damage, health, and movement speed.

Project F.L.U.F.F.Y.Edit

An artificially enhanced Slasher, the FLUFFY moves faster and slows enemies around itself.


Etaphreven is a durable devourer that appears on Wave 4. Etaphreven has high resistance toward Full Metal Jacket and Hollow Point ammunition.


Mrityunjaya is the only enemy by default with the ability to regenerate itself and fully revive.

In order to prevent Mrityunjaya from reviving, a Medic with Chemical Bomb is necessary.

  • Mrityunjaya appears on Wave 11.
  • Two Mrityunjaya's appear on Wave 14.


Thanatos is a durable black Slasher with the highest mobility in the game.

  • Appears on Wave 12 and Wave 15.


In general, enemies belonging to the category of Bosses are very rare. They are often extreme mutations of existing enemies with greater power.


A large enemy with low movement speed, high health, and high damage. The behemoth currently boasts a 70% chance to cause a fracture.


The Leviathan is a behemoth mutation that spawns parasites and moves relatively fast.


Lyganesh is the next stage of evolution for a Behemoth, and boasts increased health, size and damage at the cost of slower movement speed.


The largest threat in the game. The hellspawn is capable of a long range underground spike attack that can fatally wound, if not kill players.

The Hellspawn's melee attack will instantly kill most players.

The Hellspawn creates a distinct roar upon entry, and another distinct cry upon death.

  • Appears in Nightmare Hatchling Mission
  • Appears on Waves 13 and 15.
  • Hellspawn has 30 Explosive resistance in Easy and Normal.