Directional Primer Charge
Damage ~1000 (see Tips)
Radius Unknown meters
Stack size 10
Damage type Explosive
Extra Information
Detonation Remote detonation
Specification Wide-cone swarm-clearing leap bomb

Notes Edit

Directional Primer Charges are some of the most deadly ordnance available for absolutely wrecking hordes of enemies clustering down a tight corridor or alleyway. Upon detonation, a DPC unleashes a wide cone of roughly 1000 explosive damage in whatever direction it's pointed, which is more than enough to wipe out every Zombie, Swarmer, Flesh Hound, or other low-grade enemy in its path, and do some respectable damage to anything that remains standing.

Placing Directional Primer Charges is a little different from other explosives -- you don't select a plot of ground with your mouse cursor to arm the bomb on. Instead, you will see the DPC's cone of effect as indicated by a pair of red lines spreading out from your marine (a lot like a shotgun), and when you left-click the mouse, the bomb will immediately be deployed right on top of you, aiming in the direction selected.

Be warned. These explosives are very, very prone to friendly fire if not used properly, or if you underestimate the reach of their explosive AoE. Also, since you're deploying the bomb at your current position whenever you use one, please don't detonate it right away -- the bomb itself has a fairly wide circular killzone around itself when it goes off, so get out of that circle before you double-tap the 'G' key (by default) and radio-detonate it.

Tips Edit

  • As the damage from this item is centered around how many of the little explosions it produces hits the enemy, and the explosions flow outward in a progressing wave, Directional Primer Charges can actually do more damage to targets running away from the bomb -- more explosions will hit because the enemies stay in the bomb's area of effect for longer. The increase isn't much, but it's worth pointing out.