Has a number of armor components all specialized in dealing various types of explosive damage. Can also create, restack and place various detonators. Heavy explosives dish out large amounts of damage, even heavily armored foes immune to normal gunfire. His equipment also includes various devices that can cause seismic explosions. Elysium Corporation has included this type of equipment recently in demolition squads, and they have also concluded various testing on some underground test subjects. Information on these tests is very scarce.
—In-Game Description

Those who favor the type of class archetype specializing in high-damage "nuke"-type skills, trap-setting, or defensive turtling should feel right at home in the Demolition suit. This class can excel in rocket launchers, remote-detonated bombs, proximity mines and sentry drones, and can even reduce the cooldown times of the entire squad's abilities. All of this is geared towards blowing the crap out of the deadly hordes of monsters threatening the squad as quickly and efficiently as possible, before they have time to threaten your team.

Do take note, however, that due to the insane number of area-effect weapons this suit can bring to the field, the potential for friendly fire is very real. All it takes is one misplaced claymore to kill a vital team member, and then everything can go to hell really fast. Practice with explosives and rockets first to get a feel for how dangerous this class can be.

Also, having a Demolition marine is important if you want to bunker down somewhere the most effectively, as he can make the best use of all types of explosives and static defenses to bolster a chokepoint against assault. He can even, at later levels, disarm not only explosives to add them to his inventory, but sentry turrets -- yes, the kind you find everywhere on some maps -- and place them at different locations. This requires a valuable Power Cell to activate those turrets again, of course, but it's a valid strategy in the right circumstances!

The Demolition suit is unlocked at Lvl. 3.

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The Red Solstice - Demolition Suit Overview

The Red Solstice - Demolition Suit Overview