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Solstis V Combat Suits are worn by marines for protection during combat. There are currently eight available combat suits.

Overview Edit

All Solstis V Combat Suits contain "armor" nanites, that are capable of automatic self-repair in the field. The nanites are only capable of slowly repairing a suit over time; sustaining too much damage in a short period of time will reduce the suit's ability to protect its user from hits. Upon catastrophic failure of the suit, the user will take the full brunt of any hits.

Marines control the suits through a sensory net which covers the body, in a way directly connecting the user's brain with the suit. It takes time, training and patience to master a suit. Over time a marine loses the ability to fully control them, but as a marine spends time within a suit again they regain the ability to use the suit to its full potential.

Combat suits change depending on the component configuration that is used, not only through stats and skills but in appearance as well. For example, the T1 Sensors Module for the Assault suit will cause a helmet to be shown on the marine, while Vanguard will display a large combat shield. Suits are limited to using four components in any one mission.

In addition to components, suits may use up to three Power Ups to boost various attributes like attack damage or reload speed. These do, however, come at the cost of negatively affecting one or more other attributes.

Attributes Edit

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Attributes are the stats of the suit such as Health, Armor, Movement Speed and Evade.

Energy Level Edit

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As a mission progresses, a suit's energy constantly increases, providing energy units which can be assigned to a suit's component, thus providing the bonuses or skills associated with that level of the component.

A marine can transfer power between components during the mission; however, transferring energy is taxing on the suit and will cost nanites (Armor Points) each time it is done, and also triggers a short cool-down preventing the removal of more energy units from that suits component for a short time. This is to prevent players from allocating points to an ability like Rocket Launcher, using it, then taking energy points away from that component to immediately add to another one.