Chain Explosive
Damage 1300
Radius 3 meters
Stack size 100
Damage type Explosive
Extra Information
Detonation External source
Specification Stacking improves damage

Notes Edit

Chain Explosives don't do much damage on their own, but when stacked together so their areas of effect overlap, they increase the damage dealt of all other chain explosives by 20%.

These explosives will only detonate when hit by another explosion, such as the blast from a grenade launcher or satchel charge.

As with all explosives, Chain Explosives have damage fall-off with range. Try to make sure your enemy is as close to the center of the blast as possible.

Due to how bombs explode, the collective damage of any stack of Chain Explosives can be found using the following formula:

$ \sum_{n \mathop =1}^{x} (1300 (0.8 + 0.2n)) $

Where X is the amount of chain explosives

# Of Chains in a Stack : Damage of the Stack 

1         |            1,300


2         |            2,860


5         |            9,100


10         |            24,700


20         |            75,400


50         |           383,500


100         |           1,417,000


Tips Edit

  • The Demolition class has abilities that let him set his own Chain Explosives without the use of items, disarm them if they are no longer desired and turn them into an item which can be placed elsewhere, as well as set remote detonators on them so they can be blown without the use of satchels or other explosions. This isn't even counting the raw damage bonuses (up to +50% more) and radius bonuses (up to +20% larger) that can be attained with the right suit components. So, it's highly advised to give these bombs to a Demolition marine who can make full use of them.
  • CE's (Chain Explosives) are an extremely powerful item in the right hands. Many tough enemies, especially the big, fat, explosive-vulnerable ones like Behemoths, Leviathans and Lyganesh, can be brought low astonishingly fast just by placing enough of them down to take advantage of their 20% synergistic damage bonus.
  • A marine can carry up to 100 CE's in a single stack, though they are unlikely to ever find (or even need) that many of them. This makes it very efficient and forgiving on your limited 6-slot inventory space.