AutoCannon Exterminator 43 - Heavy weapon mostly used by Terminators. It has an autocannon mode in which it fires explosive cartridges that deal area damage. It should be used with caution as it can be deadly to your own squad.

Heavy weapon - Movement reduction: 10%

—In-Game Description

The ACE-43 is an exceptionally well rounded heavy weapon. While in Auto mode it has good ammo economy, decent damage and a good rate of fire. Autocannon mode is where this weapon shines, firing high explosive rounds which inflict heavy AoE damage with every shot, and inflict Explosive-type damage which many enemies are far less resistant to than most bullets.

The Autocannon mode does come at a cost, however. It not only reduces the fire rate of the weapon, but prolonged firing will cause the weapon to overheat -- rendering it unable to fire at all for a short duration.

Usability Edit

Tips Edit

  • This weapon will overheat in Autocannon mode after approximately the 10th shot in a row.
  • Weaving between the two firing modes will allow for constant damage to be applied. Firing five to seven shots within Autocannon mode then swapping back to Auto mode will allow the weapon to cool down and still be able to continue firing.
  • Autocannon mode may risk overheating the weapon, but it still uses only 1 bullet per shot. This makes it incredible for ammo efficiency if you learn to dance around the overheating threshold without going over.
  • Manual Fire (holding Shift and left-clicking, by default) was practically made for the Autocannon. The high-explosive rounds of this weapon inflict AoE damage, meaning that it's pretty hard to actually miss your target even if you clicked the ground -- the shot will simply blow up and hit anything nearby! This makes it ideal for taking full advantage of Manual Fire's 40% base damage bonus with bullet weapons.
  • Take care while using the Autocannon mode of the weapon, as the high explosive round can also damage squad members and in some cases outright kill them.
  • An ACE-43 Upgrade item exists. If you find it, it will passively give you +8 damage in Auto mode and +30 damage in Autocannon mode.