Armory DLC Helmets
Armory DLC Weapons

The Armory DLC is a content update that includes the following:

Armory Pack
  • Ten helmets equippable by any class
    • No matter what class he selects, player can pick one of eight class helmets to equip.

Additionally, player can choose one of two bonus helmets:

      • Viking helmet – because everyone wants to look like a Viking while fighting mutants.
      • Pumpkin helmet – because mutants are afraid of pumpkins. Or not?
  • Two new Weapons variants
    • LMG Bulwark pattern
      • Weapon that excels while holding position
      • Receives half the normal bonus from critical damage while holding position and has no critical chance while moving.
    • LMG Creed pattern
      • Fires explosive rounds
      • Does not deal critical damage, but damage increases with a number of mutants killed.
      • Fills the gap between GAR and minigun, achieving high damage output while retaining reasonable ammo consumption.
  • New Sector - Residential Sector
  • Players who own the DLC pack can host games in a new residential sector. It features multitude of small residential structures connected to a central power system, and increased number of tough slow moving. It seems allowing fast food restaurants on Mars was a bad idea after all.
Free content
  • Three new Missions
    • Reaper turret, in which players need to locate and destroy the mighty Reaper turret. Turret will attack both players and mutants, so sometimes choosing not destroying the turret might be a good tactical decision
    • Reaper assembly, where players need to locate three parts of Reaper turret and bring it to the assembly point, where the pieces will be put together. Assembled turret can be placed anywhere on the map, where it will present a great tactical asset, shredding through the enemies. Every now and then it will overheat and require manual reactivation.
    • VLAK evacuation - Players will now be presented with the challenge of escaping the colony through the VLAK transport system. Players will need to defend their vehicle from being destroyed by mutant attacks while in transit.
  • New boss monster
    • The Specimen makes its appearance late into the game, in the overrun stage. Its abilities make it... interesting to deal with.
  • 20 new medals